Mac OS 8.1 on Raspberry Pi without X11

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Mac OS 8.1 on a Raspberry Pi without a full desktop! ===

Works with Pi3B or later

Uses basilisk II emulator.

Recommended to install rasbian lite as distro choice, otherwise the whole without a desktop (X11) is kinda of useless :)

install Basilisk II without a full desktop (X11) on raspberry pi ( using raspbian stretch lite for distro)

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y
sudo apt install automake gobjc -y
mkdir -p ~/src/sdl2 &&
wget -O - | tar -xz -C ~/src/sdl2
cd ~/src/sdl2/SDL2-2.0.7 &&

./configure --host=arm-raspberry-linux-gnueabihf \
            --disable-video-opengl \
            --disable-video-x11 \
            --disable-pulseaudio \
            --disable-esd \
            --disable-video-mir \
            --disable-video-wayland &&
make -j3 
sudo make install
mkdir -p ~/src/macemu &&
wget -O ~/src/macemu/ &&
unzip ~/src/macemu/ -d ~/src/macemu
cd ~/src/macemu/macemu-master/BasiliskII/src/Unix/ &&

./configure --enable-sdl-audio --enable-sdl-framework \
            --enable-sdl-video --disable-vosf \
            --without-mon --without-esd --without-gtk --disable-nls &&
make -j3
sudo make install 
wget -O ~/MacOS8_1.iso "" 
wget -O ~/Quadra-650.ROM
cd /home/pi

wget -O ~/

You will now need a hard disk image to boot, you can create your own or download the ready made one below

OPTIONAL Ready made hard drive for download

creating a mac disk image is easy using the script as follows:

sh ./ 

name should be MacHDD


size should be 500 , quadra900 supported 500MB since that is the model 14 we will use in our prefs file to match the gestalt ID , even though we will be using Sytem 8.1 which supports larger volumes such as 4GB i found the 500MB to be stable so far. Please feel free to experiment!

echo "rom    /home/pi/Quadra-650.ROM
disk   /home/pi/MacOS8_1.iso
frameskip 0
cpu 4
model 14
ramsize 67108864

disk   /home/pi/MacHDD.dsk" | tee -a ~/.basilisk_ii_prefs

Setup is finished lets run our newly created Macintosh system within BasiliskII by running execute command , you may add this command to your /etc/rc.local file


To install Sytem 8.1 boot up Basilisk and then proceed to install 8.1 as normal and install it to MacHDD disk that we created earlier with easy script.

after installation finished, you can remove the MacOS8_1.iso from ~/.basilisk_ii_prefs , this was for us to boot and install Mac OS onto the machine.